My Agriculture Story

"Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness." ~Thomas Jefferson~

Thanks for stopping by today to meet me and my family!


My family has strong and deep roots built on the foundation of agriculture. Our paths are all different, but still essential. We are a family that knows how to raise animals and process them, and we understand the importance of both of those paths and how to talk about each.

As a young girl, I had a dream of working in sports journalism but as a farmer’s daughter, reality took a different path. With a degree from SUNY Cobleskill and Cornell University, my passion grew deeper to celebrate those who work from sun-up to sun-down and beyond. I love to live a life of adventure, whether it’s on the farm, down a backroad, overseas, or in a sports arena. I’m a firm believer in living life to the fullest, in buying the ticket, and celebrating life’s moments, in the moment. As a lifelong advocate for agriculture, I am proud to be here and work alongside those that do whatever it takes to get the job done and return day after day because it's what our lifes work is all about.

My Family Farm

I was born and raised on my family dairy farm where I had the honor of learning the importance of agriculture at a young age. Being a farm family, we worked side-by-side each day to care for our animals, the land, and each other. Growing up, not only was the dairy farm our responsibility, but I took a quick liking to raising pigs, just like my father did when he was younger. A love of farming is a tradition that gets passed on from generation to generation and in my family, the passion for agriculture is a tradition that continues on today. 

I serve as the Executive Director of the NY Animal Agriculture Coalition, where my time is spent working to enhance the public's understanding and appreciation of animal agriculture. We collaborate with others to foster dialogue with consumers, increase engagement with farmers, and encourage cooperation among members of the industry. Since I joined the organization in 2016, we have worked as a team to increase positive agricultural promotion throughout New York State. 

Agriculture Marketing & Communications

After spending some time in the classroom as an agriculture educator, I quickly learned that my life was meant to be lived outside of classroom walls. I spent a year as a Brand Ambassador, traveling the country, for a leading seed technology company, providing accurate information about agriculture to others. Following the "on-the-road" experience, I worked for agriculture marketing agencies in St. Louis, MO, and Milwaukee, WI, where I spent time working with client brands including America's Farmers, United Soybean Board, and Case IH. 

For more than two decades, the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) has provided individuals the opportunity to enhance their leadership and advocacy efforts through the PAL program. An elite group of 10 advocates are selected to work through a variety of skills-based learning opportunities. The PAL program allows advocates to work through real-life, engaging scenarios resulting in more confident speakers and agriculture supporters. Through the two-year program, I have worked alongside my peers to develop key messages on important agricultural topics, found my voice as it relates to my passion, and sought opportunities to share my story with others. I encourage others to learn more about the PAL program that is made possible by Bayer and Farm Credit. 

Farm Bureau Selects 11th Partners in Advocacy Leadership Class 

As a member of New York Farm Bureau, I have served in leadership roles on my local county Board of Directors and the State Young Farmers & Ranchers committee. As a member of Farm Bureau, I've taken on numerous opportunities to continue to learn about agriculture beyond my own county limits allowing me to understand agriculture from a broader perspective in New York. 

An African Safari adventure brought me to the cornerstone border of Kenya and Tanzania. January 2019.

The future...My life list

Part of what makes my story unique and what makes me, me are the adventures I enjoy bringing to life. I've never been a believer in the term, "bucket list" but rather use the term "Life List." My personal motto is, "Buy the Ticket. Take the Trip."  What's on your Life List today?

Eileen's Life List

American Farm Bureau Federation President, Zippy Duvall, takes a moment to share wisdom and insight to agriculture advocacy.

New York State Governor, Kathy Hochul, and New York State Commissioner of Agriculture, Richard Ball, pause for a moment to help care for a new calf at the New York State Fair.

Sharing agriculture is important to me, especially when the impact results in a moment of clarity and changed perspectives. 

The Partners in Advocacy Leadership (PAL) program has been instrumental in developing my strengths in sharing my agriculture story.